Mayor Allender’s Home Rule Deception: Part 1
Published June 13, 2021

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels, Chief Propagandist of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI Party)

For over a year, Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender’s Home Rule Charter Committee has met in complete secret and seclusion from the prying eyes of the public, until just a few weeks ago on May 20th when the elusive committee finally revealed the Home Rule Charter to the public; which existence had previously been denied by some City officials including the proposed Home Rule Charter’s inclusion of a City Manager, reduction of City Councilmembers and other aspects that the Mayor and other City officials have called “misinformation.”

In fact, the Mayor had deceived much of the Council to believe that the secretive Home Rule Charter Committee was only investigating Home Rule, and wasn’t in fact looking at a City Manager or reducing the size of the Council. On March 1, 2021, Councilman Bill Evans publicly challenged Peoples Rule spokesperson Jordan Mason about the accuracy of his statements, of what we now know, of those additional inclusions into the proposed Home Rule Charter.

In Goebbel’s-like fashion, Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender has repeatedly tried to suppress the public’s participation with the Home Rule Charter Committee and to discredit the People’s Rule exposure of the committee, the charter and other facts that have come to light through our research and investigations.

Literally, two days before the presentation of the charter, on May 17th, at the behest of Mayor Steve Allender, the City of Rapid City posted on their official Facebook page that the meeting would be open to the public “but no public comment [would] be taken.”

In response, People’s Rule took to the streets reaching out to other local conservative organizations like South Dakota Citizens for Liberty (CFL), the Pennington County Republican Party, Young Americans for Liberty and other conservative community members, mounting enough public and political pressure that by May 19th, City Councilmembers forced the Mayor to allow public comment at the meeting.

Then Mayor Allender tried to minimize and diminish the credibility of anything citizens attending the meeting may say by referring and framing them as “angry protesters” and implied they were only there to “squabble,” in his public announcement allowing public participation as appeared in the Rapid City Journal, thus discrediting them before they even spoke.

During the May 20th meeting, Mayor Allender further tried to downplay the evidence of wrongdoing exposed over the past several months by People’s Rule, referring to all of the problems and issues raised by Peoples Rule as “innuendos and accusations.” Perpetuating his counter-information and suppression efforts, the day after the meeting in a KOTA TV interview, Mayor Allender again referred to Peoples Rule’s investigation and evidence as a “misinformation campaign” that was, according to Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender, “blatantly wrong.”

The fact is, on January 7, 2021 at a South Dakota Citizens for Liberty meeting, over 4 months before the proposed charter was made public, People’s Rule spokesperson Jordan Mason accurately predicted many of the main parts of the charter that are currently being proposed, even anticipating that the charter would be proposed during the month of May, when he stated, “I would almost lay money down that we’re going to see this come back almost on the anniversary date, this year, come May.”

People’s Rule spokesperson Jordan Mason even forecasted that this proposed charter would include a City Manager, even though a City Manager isn’t required by law for a Home Rule form of government, when he stated that Allender, “wants to establish a City Manager.”

And in fact, under Article III of the proposed Home Rule charter it creates a City Manager, as People’s Rule spokesperson Jordan Mason said it would.

Additionally, the day before the May 20th unveiling, on May 19th People’s Rule ran robocalls voiced by Shad Olson where People’s Rule prognosticated that the City Manager position would be “for life,” and would act as a “permanent City employee.”

Under Section 3.03 of the proposed charter, it states, “The city manager shall be appointed for an indefinite term,” or more simply put, “for life.”

Almost precognitively on January 7th, People’s Rule spokesperson Jordan Mason forewarned of the charter “cutting your representatives down,” or also stated the reduction in City Councilmembers proposed within the charter.

Notably, People’s Rule did not anticipate the inclusion of an at-large Councilmember, which with that addition decreased the current council by 40%, making it just under half, taking the total number of elected City representatives from 10 to 6 Councilmembers, or 7 if you’re including the Mayor.

The proposed reduction is seen within Section 2.02 of the proposed Home Rule Charter.

But further, Peoples Rule spokesperson Jordan Mason vaticinated the reduction of the number of required readings for the enactment of emergency ordinances.

And as predicted, within Section 2.13 of the proposed Home Rule Charter, it states that after the adoption of an emergency ordinance “it shall become effective upon adoption,” or in other words, immediately upon the vote of adoption.

To the untrained eye, such predictions made over 120 days prior to them becoming publicly available may seem prophetic – but the truth is, the Peoples Rule uncovered the elaborate illusion and deception Mayor Steve Allender had setup early on.

Part 2 of this series will explain in detail how Mayor Allender had planned for years how to institute Home Rule in Rapid City, and had in painstaking detail methodically put into place a way of having it introduced under the appearance of a citizen-led initiative – without appearing to being directly involved.

Join us for Mayor Allender’s Home Rule Deception: Part 2.

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